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Content Strategist, Photographer, & Yogi


Welcome to, a space where we can connect, and you can learn about my past and current projects in content strategy, photography, and yoga!


When I used to tell people that my work history included being a journalist, marketer, and prosecutor, it always felt like I was discussing three distinct careers. But in reality, the essence was the same - storytelling. Each role taught me new and different ways to combine words and visuals and share important information with others. I also learned how content strategies could make the communication process more efficient and the messaging more impactful. 

Every day, I explore new ways to use my creative skillsets to help others. That manifests in many different ways, and below you'll find links to three of my current projects. I hope you'll take a minute to check them out and contact me if there's an opportunity for us to collaborate!

Content Strategist, Writer & Legal Analayst Jessica Thill

Photo Courtesy of Court TV Makeup Artist Michele Clark



Court TV

I'm currently using my expertise as a content strategist and legal journalist to help the E.W. Scripps Company relaunch Court TV, an Atlanta-based broadcast legal news network that covers trials gavel to gavel. 

Learn more about what I do as the Director of Trial Tracking at Court TV!

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Linden Leaf Marketing

Outside of the newsroom, I also help small business owners - mostly fitness, wellness, and beauty professionals - develop simple content strategies they can use to convert their target market into customers.

Learn more about my à la carte writing and marketing services!

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Koad Grove Collective

I'm passionate about living a conscious, balanced life. Koad Grove is the space I created for us to practice yoga together. I offer online group classes and one-on-one sessions, both in-person and online. Everyone is welcome here.

Learn more about the collective and sign up for a class today!


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